Blind Pandas

Upholding accessibility in words and action

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We develop free, open-source, and highly accessible applications for blind and visually impaired computer users.


('We offer tutorials and booklets on selected programming topics for the next generation of blind and visually impaired makers.',)


The world runs on open-source. We develop accessible apps and teach open-source developers on how to do the same.


We provide a hub to connect volunteering mentors to junior programmers who are interested in accessibility.

Meat Bookworm

The freeley available, accessible eBook reader for Windows.

  • Supports common document formats: PDF, EPUB, FB2, HTML, and Plain Text
  • Builtin text-to-speech, and optionally continuous reading using your favourite screen reader
  • Extensive annotation capabilities: bookmarking, commenting, and highlighting
  • Built-in support for extracting text from scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • And many more features: fast full-text search, zoomable rendered pages, voice profiles...etc
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